#0050 A-Clamp. Free Shipping

#0050 A-Clamp. Free Shipping

  • $133.99

The A Clamp grips narrow seams and ridges. Hardened steel cross-hatch teeth assure a secure pull. Excellent for use with slide hammer. Clamp has raised "bolt stoppers" to hold bolts stationary, for easy, one-handed tightening. Use only with ¼" chain.

Gripping Surface: 1½" wide (39 mm), ¾" deep (19 mm)
Overall Length: 3½" (89 mm)
Weight: 2 lbs (.91 kg)
Capacity: 3 tons (2,722 kg)

Replacement Parts: #520046 Bolt, #5225 Nut, Bolt & Washer

Heat Treated Steel. Made in the U.S.A.