Anest Iwata KIWAMI 4-13BA4 1.3mm

  • $550.00

    The BA4 air cap improves the coating environment by achieving high atomization with a small amount of air 
      • Improved handling performance
      • Incorporating an ergonomic design that emphasizes functionality, the trigger also has a shape that improves operability when applying small amounts.
      • Easier maintenance
      • The screw pitch of the cap can be attached and detached with half the rotation of conventional caps. In addition, a groove has been added to the back of the needle valve to make it easier to attach and detach.
      • Stable coating with less individual and lot-to-lot variation is possible.
      • The structure of the pneumatic valve has been reviewed and the opening has been made larger and more uniform to reduce pressure loss and variations due to screw-in position.

Ergonomic design with an emphasis on functionality

No Cup.

Best for Base Color Coat