Dent Fix Aluminum Hammer Set DF AH714

  • $185.00

  • These hammers can help technicians avoid metal cross contamination on aluminum bodied vehicles
  • Lightweight and more forgiving than steel hammers
  • Handles are made of a genuine hickory providing a solid base reducing breakage
  • Hammers are marked with a red dot to indicate they are for use on aluminum only
  • Hammers come stored in blow-molded storage case. Keep hammers protected when they aren;t being used
Set Includes 
  • (1) Pick & Finishing Hammer - 40 mm Round Face
  • (1) Curved Pein & Finishing Hammer - 40mm Round Face
  • (1) Standard Bumping Hammer - 40.5mm Round Face, 38mm Square Face
  • (1) Blow-mold storage case for easy storage and transport of hammers