Double-Up Lifts 6000 Lbs for Low Ride Vehicles Made in USA

  • $3,400.00

Auto Body Double-Up Lifts

The DK100 is a unique approach to lifting today's low ride-height vehicles. Today's Uni-Body Construction also limits safe and strong jacking (lifting) points that can cause underbody damage if lifted in a non-designate lift-point.
Lifting from the tires eliminates any chance of underbody damage. 
Dual use lift from the front or back tires also from the pinchwelds with the included pinchweld attachments.

Lift From Tires

Lift from tires
Complete access to the underbody, front and rear bumpers, painting,sanding the vehicle height is adjustable for technician comfort. Save time and effort with the portable easy to use DK100 Lifting System.
Lifts 6100 Lbs. from the tires or pinch-welds. 
It accommodates any tire size with adjustable lift-arms. 
The auto underbody is clear and accessible. The lifts are designed for low-clearance vehicles with limited lifting points, eliminating underbody damage by lifting from the tires.

Lift From Pinch-Welds

Lift from auto body pinch welds

The DK100 is excellent for bumper removal, repair and replacement, underbody inspection and estimating.

Comfortable lift height adjustment allows for paint prep and finishing and mechanical work. 

Pinch-weld attachments let you remove / replace drivetrain and suspension. Use the DK100 to load Pinch-weld attachments to load on underbody floor repair systems.

DK100-SHP Pinch-Weld Attachment

DK100 SHP Pinch Weld Attachment

Securely lifts the vehicle from the pinch-welds (rocker panel) for tire removal, suspension work, engine transmission as a unit.

Heavy Duty Lift Safeties

Heavy Duty Lift Safeties

Automatically lock into position as the vehicle is raised. Safeties must be manually locked in the up-right (off) position before the vehicle is lowered. As vehicle is fully lowered, safeties automatically return to the down (locked) position; ready for a new lift.

2" Steel Swivel Casters

2 Inch Swivel Casters

Give quick, easy maneuverability to position the lifts around the vehicle.

6" Transport Wheels

6" Transport Wheels

Ball bearing, ballon, rubber.

Pinch-Weld, Lift-Arm

Pinch Weld Lift Arm

Height from floor is 30". Bumper height will average 47" from the floor.

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5 years warranty.